Minutiae: OpalCat Minute by Minute (opalcat) wrote in surgerybrazil,
Minutiae: OpalCat Minute by Minute

Appointments, appointments, appointments!

Today I see a dentist, a nose specialist (clearance for my rhinoplasty) and get an ultrasound of my legs. The lab doesn't do the blood test to screen for clotting anymore :(

Tomorrow is my consult wth Dr. Fabio... then Friday morning I hit the slab for slicing and dicing!!!

The hotel is great--my room looks out at the beach and I can hear the waves crashing at night. The breakfast buffet is just delicious (they don't overcook the scrambled eggs! That must be a first for hotel buffet eggs!) and the front desk people are fantastic. For example, I had met a girl on the plane who gave me her number. I tried calling and a woman answered and when I asked for Marcely, she started speaking in Portuguese.... I had no idea if I even had the right number. So the woman at the front desk (Helena?) called for me and talked to the woman (it was the grandmother, apparently). Marcely was sleeping and so we left a message. I never could have done that without them :)
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